Children & Youth Program Awards

The Children & Youth Committee have two awards that we use to reward a youth for their positive behavior/actions within the community:

  • Good Deed Award – Youth should demonstrate leadership role in community service, specific deed should be present.

    • Donates time and/or money for a worthy cause, such as

      • Military support – Baby shower for military family – Care packages for troops overseas

      • Canned food drive

      • Lemonade stand

      • Veterans’ Memorial

      • Coat collection for homeless shelters

      • Car wash

  • Youth Hero Award – Youth should demonstrate a physical act of valor

    • Demonstrates a physical act of valor, such as

      • Performing the Heimlich Maneuver

      • Performing CPR

      • Administering first aid

      • Rescuing from fire or water peril

If you would like to submit a youth for either of these rewards, please fill out this form.